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About the artist

Alan is an emerging artist deeply influenced by the technical mastery and emotional depth of Renaissance art. His work explores the human experience and combines a scientific approach with traditional artistic techniques. Inspired by the beauty of everyday life, Alan brings his subjects to life on paper, carefully recreating their essence with remarkable precision. Through his art, he invites viewers to pause, observe, and appreciate the world's hidden details that often go unnoticed. Alan's dedication to realism brings light to the beauty of everyday life.

Artist Statement:

Behind the Scenes

Clips & Pics

     I aspire to reflect our shared human experience through art. My goal is to create a dialogue without words, that seeks to resonate with anyone who gives my art their time. My work, inspired by master artists of the Renaissance, focuses on technical skills with a scientific perspective and is a commitment to the art world's future.

      Driven by a desire to understand humanity, my art began to dive into the human body through detailed anatomical ink drawings, focusing on skeletal structures as the foundation. Learning form was the next factor, and I chose to draw a series of chrome mannequins that reflect their environment. They represent my personality and how I feel like a chameleon, symbolizing self-reflection and perception. These drawings helped me to further understand form, volume, and light and ultimately inspired me to embrace the most crucial aspects of portraiture: spirit and emotion.

      Art has profoundly changed me, and it didn’t take long to realize my journey isn’t about the present; instead, it's a commitment to leaving a meaningful legacy in the world of art. In my practice, I strictly use archival, acid-free, and lightfast materials to ensure that each work lasts as long as it can. Thousands of years ago, people made statues and paintings as if to whisper into the ages "You know I truly love you". Thousands of years later we get to marvel at their creations and say "Yes, I do. I do know that you loved them". That’s exactly why I’m here. To make art like that. ♥

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